AK Trenchless is a nationwide service provider with substantial experience within the field of directional drilling. This trenchless “no dig” technology allows precise, efficient and an environmentally sound alternative solution for the installation of utility cables and pipelines. A specialty of AK Trenchless that has seen them called upon for their directional drilling expertise from all around the United Kingdom.

Their highly mobile fleet of cutting edge horizontal directional drilling (or HDD) machines offer a cost effective and ecofriendly option which minimalises disruption and substantially reduces reinstatement costs.

AK Trenchless directional drilling equipment delivers superior installation benefits to laying pipelines and cables under roads, rivers, railway lines, race courses, parks and other environmentally sensitive areas with a low level of disturbance compared to traditional open cut trenches.

With an exceptionally experienced, dedicated and skilled workforce AK Trenchless prides itself on over 12 years within the HDD industry offering a dependable, friendly and proactive service for all its customers.

The solution is AK Trenchless Limited.